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ESA Letter Process

At USA Service Dog Registration we have helped over 50,000 clients with their emotional support animals and ESA Letters. Through our network of licensed therapists, in all 50 states, we can assist with the required emotional support letter documentation for housing and college housing.

This is how our ESA Letter and Pschiatric Service Dog Letter process works;

Step 1: Once payment is submitted, a member of USA Service Dog team will reach out to you via email and text, within 24 hours, to begin the process of scheduling your ESA consultation with a licensed therapist. This email will include forms for you to sign (HIPPA disclosure, consent to tele-health and consent to terms of service). Signing these forms is important because this lets us connect you with one of our therapists licensed in your state.

Step 2: When you have signed and submitted your forms, you will receive a scheduling email or phone call from your assigned therapist. Each therapist owns their own practice and have slightly different different processes.

Step 3: Your therapist will let you know if you have been approved to receive an ESA letter at the end of your consultation. If approved you will receive an ESA letter via email the same day as your consultation. A hard copy of your letter will also be mailed from the therapist office.

How Do I Know Your ESA Letter Works;

We have experience with every kind of ESA situation – multiple pets, breed restrictions, weight/size restrictions, traveling across state lines, immediate turnaround, international/domestic travel, etc. We are confident we can help you with your specific ESA needs.

I Heard There Are ESA Scams Online;

This is true, there are many websites that send out a boiler plate letter without a licensed therapist or doctor signature and contact information on the letter. Rental management companies are very familiar with the fraudulent letters.

Your management company will most likely provide you with forms that will need to be signed by our therapist in addition to calling for verification and licensing information. There is much more to this process than just handing over a letter.

Licensed Professional In Your State – All of our Licensed Mental Health Professionals are fully qualified and have passed board exams. The LMHP we select will be one that is legally qualified to approve ESA Letters for your state.

Phone Consultation – Our professionals will reach out to you to setup a phone consultation and establish a relationship.This gives our professionals the authority and basis for prescribing you an ESA letter.

Compliant Letters – The ESA Letter is issued directly from a LMHP with their license number and their contact information included. The letter will come on the professional letterhead of the Licensed Mental Health Professional and contain everything legally required for an ESA prescription within the body of the letter

What Information is Contained in your ESA Letter?

Our ESA letters contain the following:

  • The official letterhead of the mental health professional.
  • Their business, contact information, and signature.
  • Their license information which allows anyone to check the status of their license.
  • Their confirmation that you meet the definition of a disability and recommendation for an emotional support animal.

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After Submission The Button Will Say Wait (Can take 1-2 Mins For Approval) Once Redirected Check Email For ID#

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Dog Image (Must be greater then 250x250)
SERVICE DOG ID CARD USA Service Animal Registration Your Service Dog ID card will include our convenient QR Code for a quick scan link to our registry lookup. By simply entering your dog\'s registration number your official registered profile will be accessible for quick verification in the event the validity of your service dog is ever questioned. 2054
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