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Day's Inn Denies Veteran Access w/ Service Animal

Day's Inn Denies Veteran Access w/ Service Animal

admin 2 January 20, 2016
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A retired Marine with a service animal was recently denied hotel access by Day’s Inn in Groton.  This manager made a big mistake, local news took up the issue and it has since been corrected.

The Ferringtons had to leave their home for a couple of weeks due to mold remediation taking place at the home.  When they went to rent a room at the Day’s Inn they were denied access.  Derrick Ferrington has a service animal to  help him cope with anxiety and get him out of the house.  Derrick suffered a brain injury from an IED while deployed in Iraq.

“‘We don’t allow pets.’ I said ‘he’s not a pet he’s my husband’s service animal.’ She said ‘no we don’t allow pets,'” said Meagan Ferrington, wife of Marine veteran.

Derrick served three tours of duty in the Middle East from 2005-2009. In 2006, he suffered a brain injury following an IED explosion while on patrol.

The manager of the hotel tells Eyewitness News the staff was not properly trained, and was wrong in denying accommodations with a service dog.

“Connecticut law does not require a person using a service dog to prove that the dog is being used to help with disabilities in order to be afforded the protections allowed to people using service dogs.”

“She very, very strongly said I understand that it’s illegal but it’s our pet policy,” Meagan Ferrington said.

2 Replies to “Day's Inn Denies Veteran Access w/ Service Animal”

  1. Days Inn should be fined a substantial amount, say $10,000 or more because of this. We need to make an example of this type of activity to prevent others from making the same idiotic rules.

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