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Emotional Support Animal FAQ

Emotional Support Animal FAQ

Anup 6 September 13, 2023
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What is the Fair Housing Act?

Emotional support animals are protected under the Fair Housing Act, which prevents landlords from discriminating against people with disabilities.

How long does the approval process take?

Right now, our turnaround to be contacted by a therapist to schedule a phone session is around 2 business days. If approved, you will be able to download a digital copy of your letter right away via email. We will also send a hard copy via USPS Mail. The shipping time usually takes 2-3 business days.

What kind of Licensed Mental Health Professional will sign my letter?

Our LMHPs consist of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, and Licensed Mental Health Counselors.

All of our Licensed Mental Health Professionals are fully qualified and have passed board exams. The LMHP we select will be one that is legally qualified to approve ESA Letters for your state.

Which ESA Letter Consultation should I choose?

If you live in rented housing, then you should get the Housing Letter Consultation. This will allow your ESA to live with you even in housing where there’s a ‘no pets’ policy.

What does the ESA Letter look like?

The ESA Letter is issued directly from a LMHP with their license number and their contact information included. The letter will come on the professional letterhead of the Licensed Mental Health Professional and contain everything legally required for an ESA prescription within the body of the letter.

Does the ESA Letter expire? How often do I need to renew?

Your ESA Letter will last for one year. You then have the opportunity to renew your ESA Letter via USA Service Dog Registration at a discounted rate.  We will send you an email notification when it is time to renew with discounted offer.

Can I use my ESA Letter for on-campus housing?

Yes, to use an emotional support animal letter for university housing, select the ‘Campus Housing Letter’ option during your Assessment.

How do I submit my ESA Letter to a landlord?

You will be able to download a digital copy of your letter right away via email. We will also send a hard copy upon via USPS Mail. The shipping time usually takes 2-3 business days. For landlords, we strongly recommend that you present the letter immediately in-person. Nearly all landlords are extremely accommodating.

What rights do I get with an ESA Letter? Where can I take my ESA Letter?”

Because HUD states that Emotional Support Animals require “reasonable accommodation,” your ESA Letter entitles you to live with your ESA even in housing where there’s a ‘no pets’ policy. You also cannot be charged a Pet Fee for your ESA.


6 Replies to “Emotional Support Animal FAQ”

  1. What about situations where there are limits on the number of “pets” (e.g., only one) allowed in a household? If we have one pet and one ESA can we be protected/covered with a letter from the HOA?

    1. If the HOA has a pet policy limit technichally your ESA is no longer considered a pet. My advice is have an ESA letter for both dogs. Once you have prescription for ESA it is no longer considered a pet, therefor maybe you could get away with 2, but it is up for interpretation by landlord, I have seen it go both ways.

  2. This is the greatest thing since the invention of chew toys. I have had no problems moving into my new apartment. My baby is with me and we both have adjusted after only a month. A lot of people here have to move or get rid of their babies as they are enforcing their no pets policy.

  3. I am in need of a apartment and NO place will take a elderly dog. People do not understand how much we love and need our pets .I do have alot of medical conditions and let me say he is what keep me going and when I get very anxious he is so intoned with my body and mind he’s always there to lend a paw or a hug on me .I would never survive without my boy (hunter) a 11 + Goden retriever with the kindness caring ♥. Ty

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