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Get Your Dog’s Attention With These Easy Steps

Get Your Dog’s Attention With These Easy Steps

Scott 3 November 16, 2023
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If you find yourself grappling with your dog’s disobedience, attempting to discern methods of captivating and maintaining their focus is likely at the forefront of your concerns. However, before you embark on hours of research regarding unruly canine behavior, we bring you uplifting news — your dog’s reluctance to comply with your requests is not an intentional act of mischief. Often, our canine companions become engrossed in the array of stimuli surrounding them, such as sights, sounds, and smells, or simply fail to comprehend the nature of our demands. 

Whether you are befuddled by your dog’s unreliable recall or vexed by their habit of incessantly leaping upon guests, the solution to achieving greater obedience lies in establishing eye contact with your furry friend. It may seem rudimentary, yet many of us disregard it.  In the initial stages, all you need to do is encourage your dog to make eye contact with you prior to partaking in any enjoyable or exciting activities.This advice proves invaluable if you aspire to heighten your dog’s concentration and establish your presence as the quintessential entity within any given space.  Before embarking on a leisurely stroll, have your dog assume a seated position, anticipate its acknowledgement, and then proceed with your walk.

Should you permit your dog to engage with fellow canines, prior to unclipping the leash, instruct it to sit, await its acknowledgment, and subsequently allow it to proceed, thus ensuring that the dog comprehends that granting attention to you is a prerequisite for engaging with other dogs.

This strategy also serves as an excellent tool prior to serving your dog its meal.

The more your dog internalizes the notion that making eye contact with you results in accessing all delightful and thrilling offerings, the more inclined it will be to direct its attention towards you.

As soon as you successfully acquire your dog’s attention, teaching it becomes remarkably easier.

3 Replies to “Get Your Dog’s Attention With These Easy Steps”

  1. How do I get my purebred poodle to stop pawing at me when she wants to be petted? Her nails are very sharp and she scratches me unintentionally and leaves bruises on my arms and chest. Otherwise, she is incredibly well behaved. She will sit in a chair for hours waiting for me when I am in the doctors office without moving. She does not bark except at other dogs when she is on the patio. But I have begun to break her of that. I need your help.

  2. This is such good advise. I have had my dog in 2 different training programs and that is the very first thing they tell you to do. I love these little advice paragraphs that you put on your emails. It really does help to get all the advise you can get!

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