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How to Train a Psychiatric Service Dog

How to Train a Psychiatric Service Dog

Scott 15 March 22, 2023
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When it comes to training a service dog you basically have 3 options which are listed below; 

Self Training. According to the American Disability Act and the requirements of the Department of Transportation, the law permits owners to self-train their service animals. Psychiatric Service Dog tasks are some of the easiest tasks to train your service dog to perform for your psychiatric needs. The first step would be to pass General Public Access Test, this will  ensure good manners and behavior in your PSD whenever you’re in a public place. However, many who require the services of a Psychiatric Service Dog understandably may not have the time, energy, or desire to research training methods and best practices specific to PSDs in order to best teach their new assistance animal. Fortunately, there are other options available.  

Purchasing from a Service Dog Organization. There are many organizations through which individuals can request a service dog. An animal from one of these service dog organizations will have already received extensive training and will be ready to assist you as soon as you bring your PSD home. However, the average cost of an animal from such an organization can range from $15,000-$30,000.

Working with a Professional Dog Trainer. This is the most popular option and cost effective also. A service dog trainer brings years of experience and knowledge about animal behavior to the table and can quickly train your dog and teach handler how to train service dog when not in class. The trainer will help determine the tasks handler requires service dog to perform and pass the General Public Access Test guidelines. This type of formal and structured training is ideal, considering that the Department of Transportation (DOT) permits airlines the right to ask PSD owners to submit a certification form before departure that includes proof that their PSD has been trained to assist with a disability and is capable of good behavior on a flight. 

Here is a link to national list of trainers that can help you get started

What Training Requirements are Needed for Psychiatric Service Dog?

Service Animals and Psychiatric Service Dogs are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, psychiatric service dogs are entitled to the same federally protected rights as service animals. Psychiatric Service Dogs are granted the same public access rights as service animals where pets or emotional support animals are not allowed. These rights also extend to travel privileges in airline cabins without owners having to pay extra fees as well as fair accommodation in housing–even if the property has a ‘no pets’ policy. 

In order to meet this standard your psychiatric service dog must be suitably trained.

This is because the Department of Transportation allows airlines to require forms attesting to a service animal’s behavior and training before the service dog is cleared to board a flight. The DOT also allows airlines to refuse transportation to service animals that exhibit aggressive behavior.

The training required for a Psychiatric Service Dog serves two purposes: it ensures your service animal displays good manners at all times while in public places, and it also ensures that your service animal is able to perform a specific task or type of work that is directly related to your mental or emotional disability (a requirement for all PSDs). 

There are two components of an effective training regimen for psychiatric service dogs:

  • The General Public Access Test, which instills good manners in service dogs, ensuring that they behave appropriately in public settings  
  • Specialized Task/Work Training, which satisfies the requirement of all PSDs to be able to perform a specific action that’s directly related to their handler’s disability 

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15 Replies to “How to Train a Psychiatric Service Dog”

    1. Hi Lee,
      When you book your flight with airline go to their website and in search bar type service animal. This will take you to their service dog page, you will want to fill out the DOT form on that page and email it back to the airline. Choose the self train box on the form. The airline will then issue you a DOT registration number for your service dog for future flights.

      1. My Nessie, Boston terrier, registered with you folks, I filled out form, I have Parkinson’s and suffer with PTSD and my baby and myself we’re treated awful with Allegiant airlines, we were terrorized at the airport, they shoved my baby into a very small carrier that the Airline rep went and spent $90 of my money to buy this carrier that they broke the zipper trying to shove her in there, I was in tears of course and she didn’t move until I took her out of this carrier when the flight landed and all of this was uncalled for and her first flight and only flight, she’s never been in a cage, she herself suffers from anxiety separation from my husband, we were both on him when he took his last breath, her vet put her on 3 mg of Xanax a day and they treated us like we were dirt, my Nessie is a perfectly trained loving dog and didn’t deserve this kind of treatment, on out return flight home i had to pay the $50 also to get her aboard the plane and I had to put her back in the carrier under the seat, I told them I willing not put her under the seat, she’s already freaked out, I told them , ABSOLUTELY NOT, I didn’t either, at that point I didn’t care, I just wanted to get her home and out of this small carrier, I’m not supposed to carry over 10 lbs and I had to carrier her which weighs 26 lbs, all because I booked thru a live agent that took me 40 mins to even speak to a live person, I didn’t book it online, 3 times. There were people watching and crying themselves, one beautiful person handed me the $50 to get her on flight, people were actually videotaping it, they humiliated themselves, everyone at our gate were so upset just as much as we were, it was the worst experience of our lives !! Never again

        1. Hi Tracy, since Nessie is a trained service dog you should not have experienced this. Prior to traveling on plane make sure to get your DOT (department of transportation number) for your dog. If you showed up without this they will charge you for carrier. Every airline has a service dog page on their website with instructions and the DOT approval is the most important.

      2. You also must provide the professional training facility info and trainers phone number. I did all my own training so that’s where I struggle.

  1. I have my service dog in training(myself training) but I need help with him. Duke is registered.
    Registration # 1588435416. Handler, Candice Clark(myself) How can I get us trained together? I don’t have money. I’m disabled. But we both could use professional help. Do y’all have grants or anything to pay for training? Please contact me. He has insurance, up to gate on everything. He is going to be 1 April 25th 2023. Please help. And if you have a location near me would be amazing.

  2. I need help with two issues.

    1. I registered my dog with you as an emotional support animal and issued a number. I saved info, bit I switched phones. I need to get that registration number if possible.

    2. I need to find PSD Trainer in Cleveland, Ohio

  3. I registered my pup and got a register number for him. It looks looks legit but it was free. Is there some database I can check to know if he’s on it?

  4. Thank you for the info.
    My Dog is already trained as a Psychiatric Service dog. However what i have run into is that my employer will not allow my dog into the workplace simply because they refer to the animal as providing emotional support and not covered by the ADA. Is this true. Work for the Department of Homeland Security and have issues with PTSD.

    1. Hi John, you may want to have your health provider provide a letter of recommendation to have your service dog with you at work, hopefully they can provide you with a reasonable accommodation.

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