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Teach Your Dog To Wipe its Face after Drinking!

Teach Your Dog To Wipe its Face after Drinking!

Scott 1 March 11, 2024
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Having a large breed dog often means coping with the chaos left behind after a water-drinking session. A simple yet effective solution can be taught to your furry friend in no time. Start by acquiring a snuffle mat to place beside your dog’s water dish. These mats are available for purchase on Amazon for approximately $15. Alternatively, you can scrunch up a towel and place it in a deep-dish bowl as another option. Within a week, this method usually resolves the issue.

Here is link to snuff matt on Amanzon

In order to teach your dog to wipe its face post-drinking, you should start by concealing a tasty snack or kibble in a snuffle mat. After your dog finishes drinking, command “wipe” while pointing to the mat. Your furry friend will naturally bury his muzzle into the mat to find the treat. Repeat this process every time your dog drinks water, and before you know it, your dog will develop the habit of wiping its face after each sip.

Here is a great training video!

One Reply to “Teach Your Dog To Wipe its Face after Drinking!”

  1. What a great idea. Just ordered a mat!
    But if she doesn’t leave a Lake Livingroom – how will I know she’s been drinking????

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