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Uber Ordered to Pay $1.1 Million For Refusing Service Dog

Uber Ordered to Pay $1.1 Million For Refusing Service Dog

Scott 7 April 7, 2021
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Uber has been ordered to pay $1.1m to a blind woman who was refused rides on 14 occasions with her service dog.

Lisa Irving said on some occasions, drivers were verbally abusive, or harassed her about transporting her service dog, Bernie, in the car.

One driver allegedly cut her trip short after falsely claiming to have arrived at her destination.

An independent arbitrator ruled Uber’s drivers had illegally discriminated against her due to her blindness.

It rejected Uber’s claim that the company itself was not liable, because, it argued, its drivers had the status of contractors rather than employees.

Mrs Irving, from San Francisco, said she had worried about her safety after being stranded multiple times late at night due to being rejected by drivers.

She also alleged that cancelled rides also led to her being late for work, which contributed to her being fired from her job.

The behavior from drivers continued despite her complaining to Uber, she said. A spokesman for Mrs Irving said: “Of all Americans who should be liberated by the rideshare revolution, the blind and visually impaired are among those who stand to benefit the most.

“The bottom line is that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a service guide dog should be able to go anywhere that a blind person can go.”

In a statement issued to media following the ruling, a spokesman for Uber said the company is “proud” of the help it offers blind passengers.

“Drivers using the Uber app are expected to serve riders with service animals and comply with accessibility and other laws, and we regularly provide education to drivers on that responsibility.

“Our dedicated team looks into each complaint and takes appropriate action,” he added.

It is not the first time Uber has faced a legal battle from the blind community.

In 2014, The National Federation of the Blind in the US sued the ride-sharing app over guide-dog regulations.

The case was settled in 2017 when Uber agreed to ensure its drivers knew they were legally obliged to provide service to people with guide dogs.

“I’m sorry it came to this,” Mrs Irving told the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.

“I would have preferred that my civil rights be respected. But it sends a strong message that this is not acceptable.”

7 Replies to “Uber Ordered to Pay $1.1 Million For Refusing Service Dog”

  1. I find this happing her in the state of Oregon. And I have bee refused service in a restaurant bar in Hillsboro Oregon. After I told him that she was a service animal he got verbally abusive.

  2. They’re still doing it though! I have a medical alert service dog and was denied service from the airport. Boomer had his bright red service vest on and was highly visible.

    1. This has happened to me multiple times as well when at Dulles international airport. The drivers came up and then didn’t want me. Or asked me to cancel.

  3. I’m sorrythat happened to you guys. I have a service dog. I’m denied rides. The bad people make it bad for everyone. They don’t know the laws and when they do they don’t care. I wish people understood that when you have a service animal you are part of a team. You are paired. I wish youthe best.

  4. My car, my rules. No animals.

    Unless Uber issues a policy that they will cover all cleaning and repairs to my interior should the animal mess or damage it.

  5. If you are unwilling to give service animals rides then you have no business doing any ride share. As a ride share driver and a person with a service animal in training, I am appalled at your answer Brice. It is the mentality of drivers like you that got Uber their $1.1 million judgement against them. These are not just dogs. They make it safe to go out into the world and do what everyone else does on a daily basis.

  6. Fuck Uber. I was refused and disrespected and bitched at for having a small service dog ..HE EVEN RODE IN MY PURSE…swear to God Uber hires anybody and everybody…lots of drivers are rude and discriminatory when they shouldn’t be. I hope they keep getting sued and I hope they permanently ban that asshole driver too.

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