Humane Society Works on Bill to Join Veterans with Emotional Support Animals

July 18, 2017 admin No Comments

Broad support is growing for legislation that improves the chances for vets and people in the military to get emotional support animals. Groups like the Humane Society, animal rights activities and lawmakers are joining forces to get the laws passed in Congress. The Legislation  The bundle of laws being proposed covers several aspects of support Read More

Prosecutor’s Office Now Has a Service Dog

July 11, 2017 admin No Comments

Service dogs bring comfort to people under stress. There are few situations more stressful than testifying in court, especially if you’re a child and a victim of a violent crime. In Indiana, the Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office saw the connection and hired Nanook, a labradoodle, to make testifying easier. Molestation Case Success  A savage molestation Read More

VA Studies Benefits of Service Dogs for Veterans Suffering from PTSD

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Ask a vet with a service dog and he’ll tell you story after story about how his companion has helped him through depression and anxiety and back to a more normal life. But according to the Veteran’s Administration, that’s just anecdotal evidence. They want scientific proof. And without it, they have no intention of putting Read More

Funeral Home Now Has a Comfort Dog to Assist the Grieving

June 27, 2017 admin No Comments

A dog at a funeral? Conventional thought would say it’s disrespectful. But a funeral home in Austin, Texas, has discovered how comforting a therapy dog can be to grieving family and friends. Kermit, a border collie, is a certified therapy dog working his magic at Affordable Burial and Cremation in Austin. A First  Kermit is Read More

Service Dog Goes To Prom

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Who needs a boyfriend to go to prom when you have a handsome service dog like Percie.  That’s right Claire and Percie were the perfect prom couple. She in her burgundy gown. Percie wearing matching burgundy roses. Actually Claire did have a boy escort her to prom along with Percie, I bet her Dad was Read More

Purdue Gets Funding for Service Dog Study

June 12, 2017 admin No Comments

A two-year study is underway, seeking scientific proof that service dogs help military vets suffering from PTSD. Conducted by Purdue University researchers, the project is led by Maggie O’Haire, professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Many Stories, Little Scientific Data  Service dogs help vets with psychological, as well as physical, challenges. With the proper Read More

Service Dog Helps NC Baseball Team

June 5, 2017 admin No Comments

Dogs and balls are a natural pairing. “Fetch” is a common command for a family dog. So why not an entire baseball team? And that’s why Remington the Golden Retriever is now the official Psychiatric Medical Alert Facility Rehabilitation Service Dog for the University of North Carolina baseball team. In short, he is a service Read More

Emotional Support Animals Offer Many Benefits

May 2, 2017 admin 3 Comments

College years can be stressful for any young person. For those suffering from mental illness, the pressures can be overwhelming. Johnson State College in Vermont decided to take practical steps to make life easier for these students. The school lets them keep emotional support animals, called ESAs, in their dorm rooms, in the classroom and Read More

Study Shows Your Pet Is Good for Your Health

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Do you sometimes feel like your pet’s butler and cook? Americans walk their dogs, cats and other critters, cook for them, and even celebrate their birthdays. But it turns out the benefits go both directions. If you own a pet, scientists say your blood pressure and heart rate are probably lower, and your risk of Read More

Etiquette When Approaching Service Dog

April 18, 2017 admin 4 Comments

Service Dog Etiquette  A service dog out with his person is a dog at work. These animals are impressive, and it’s natural to want to give them attention. Dog lovers especially are drawn to them, and want to pet and praise them. But don’t. Even if the dog doesn’t look like he’s working, he is Read More