Veteran with PTSD Gets On with Life Because of Service Dog

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Serving in the military is difficult. It became even more difficult for Karen Sutcliffe, the first woman to serve an active part in the Canadian infantry, not in an office position. She endured physical, sexual and emotional assaults, all of which have taken a toll. Today Karen is in her 60s and successfully getting on Read More

Michigan Girl Wins Battle with School–Supreme Court Sides with Her

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Advocates for service dogs won a round in Michigan recently. Groups representing Ehlena Fry, a 13-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, now have the right to argue the case in court, without the need for lengthy administrative work. The Supreme Court ruling doesn’t finish the matter. Actually, it just opens the door to pursuing the court Read More

News Anchor Trains Service Dog for Wounded Warriors

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“He’s changed my life,” said television news anchor Andrea McCarren about her buddy Bunce. A service-dog-in-training, Bunce has been her companion for two years. Now Bunce is headed out to change the life of a wounded warrior, one in need of the daily help the yellow lab can offer as a service dog. Traveled Everywhere Read More

Service Dogs Making Big Difference on Campus

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Caitlin Thompson and her service dog Charlie are a team at Michigan State University. Thompson is the school’s facilities supervisor and also a graduate student.  She fields about 20 questions a day about Charlie. Having a service dog makes her conspicuous, but it also allows her to function productively after years of isolation. Service Dogs, Read More

Disabled Lowe’s Employee With Service Dog Picture Goes Viral

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In early December 2016, an Internet posting and photo by Judy Rose of Abilene, Texas went viral as it depicted a disabled veteran and his Golden Retriever service dog, Charlotte, at work in the local Lowe’s Home Improvement store. Earlier that day, Julie and her husband Brian had been at the store to pick up Read More

A Veterans Story of Her Service Dog

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Veteran and Her Service Dog  Spirit is Wendy Clouser’s partner, as well as her pet. As a service dog, he helps the vet deal with PTSD and the effects of injuries. She relies on a wheelchair much of the time. Clouser is a long-time dog lover, but she didn’t see a place in her life Read More

Uber Driver Suspended for Refusing to Accept Service Animal

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In September, 2016, an Uber driver in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, refused to give a ride to a man with a service dog. Thomas Jones, with guide dog Blake, needed a lift home from the grocery store. Jones has retinitis pigmentosa, and has completely lost sight in one eye. Blake helps him with everyday chores and around Read More

Emotional Support Animals becoming more common on campus

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David Long relies on his 11-week-old German Shepard to provide structure and consistency as he adjusts to civilian life after six years of military service, but establishing a routine will have to wait. Long is in the process of registering Schön, his puppy, as an emotional support animal so she can live with him in his Read More

Scotus to Hear Case Regarding Service Dog Being Allowed in Schoo

June 30, 2016 admin No Comments

This week the Supreme Court is hearing an appeal from a 12-year-old Michigan girl with cerebral palsy who was denied school access with her service dog. The justices said Tuesday they will consider whether Ehlena Fry’s family can sue the school district for violations of federal disability laws. The Michigan girl’s family obtained a Golden Read More