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Linda The Service Dog Graduates

Linda The Service Dog Graduates

admin No Comments June 5, 2018
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Linda the service dog was honored with a photo in the Florida elementary school’s yearbook.

Service dog Linda is a companion to 11-year-old student Rachel.

Her teacher says the service dog has become like another student to the class and decided to include her in the class photos.

Rachel’s mother, Heidi Race, said Linda loves helping all children, CBS Philadelphia reports.

“She will be there to help with tests when the kids start to get a little anxious or nervous, she provides service to all the kids Heidi Race said. “She picks up on it.”

Linda is a 4-year-old yellow lab from Canine Companions for Independence. She and Rachel have been inseparable for the last two and a half years. In that time, she’s been a frequent visitor at the campus.

For Rachel, Linda is a lot more than a therapy dog.

“Basically, she’s my best friend,” Rachel said. “Basically, it’s me, her and family.”

One of the yearbook photos shows Linda in Orange City Elementary shirt and another with a navy polo. The school also awarded Linda with her very own faculty badge and a plaque to thank her for her service.

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